Non-native English speakers

All Word Power’s copy editors are native English speakers. Copy that has been translated by a non-native English speaker typically contains many inaccuracies in grammar and vocabulary. It also fails to take into account matters of style, and may fall into the trap of using inappropriate slang, or expressions that simply don’t make sense.

The same can happen if you use computer software that offers instant translation. Such software has its place, but it cannot be relied upon to produce professional results. Try a simple test. Input this piece of English text into a typical online automatic translator:

Alan Duncan’s international portfolio includes a wide range of businesses

Now translate it into another language, select and copy the result, paste it into the input box and translate it back into English:


The international booklet of Alan Duncan of the customers includes a range of companies


Alan Duncan international briefcase includes a broad distance of the business

Traditional Chinese:

The arran Duncan international stock only includes the wide range enterprise

And Korean:

The AlanDuncan’s the international pot hall li with it includes the wide scope of the enterprise

The differences between a first-class translation and a mediocre one will not always be so obvious. But they will still be there. A non-native English speaker might not appreciate these differences. Many of the people you deal with will.

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