Word Power Creative and Professional Services is committed to protecting your privacy. If you contact us with a query or place an order with us, we retain your name and other details on record and may contact you if we have information we believe may interest you. This does not imply your agreement to the disclosure of your private details to any third party, and we will never under any circumstances make such a disclosure without your explicit prior consent.

Information you provide when contacting us will be used only for the purpose of responding adequately to your query. We will use your email address only to make direct contact with you.

If after initially contacting us you do not proceed with an order, and do not agree to our retaining your information, we will at your request delete your data from our records. This will not apply once you have completed an order with us. Trade customer details, their trade references and all our financial records are retained on file for a period of at least 6 years from the date of the last transaction, as required by Scottish Law.

Any financial details supplied to us by you will be used only by us and only for the transaction for which they were intended. Unless you have agreed account facilities with us, we will not retain any such details after the completion of your order.

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