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Copy Editing Services based in Newburgh Fife Scotland


Word Power Services Director Donald Gunn MA LLB PGVIT  

Donald Gunn MA LLB PGVIT is an international award winning writer with an extensive knowledge of legal, business and Information Technology issues.

He has 20 years' experience in providing both copy editing and original copy to a broad client base including individuals, businesses and academic institutions.

Word Power Services Director Alan Duncan MA CALTE  

Alan Duncan MA CALTE has over 30 years' experience of writing, developing and delivering customised English Language training courses and seminars.

His international portfolio of clients includes a wide range of businesses, involved in activities as diverse as steel-making, engineering, electronics, banking and insurance.

 Copy Editors and Translators

Word Power's primary area of expertise is the optimisation of existing English Language written copy. We take pride in our hand-picked team of copy editors who meet Word Power's exacting quality requirements, and have a proven track record in the field of copy editing.

For copy that has not yet been translated into English, we maintain a database of professional translators with whom we collaborate as partners. Whatever the original language of your copy, we can find the right person for the job. Just contact Word Power Services , and let us do the rest.

Follow this link for more about how Word Power Services may be able to help with your  particular copy editing requirements.
What We Do