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Creative and Professional Services based in Newburgh Fife Scotland

Memos - Email - Letters - Faxes

Your workers may all be very good at what they do. But they are not specialists in written English, and mistakes happen.

A sales manager flew to the USA, hired a car, drove a couple of hundred miles, booked into a hotel and turned up for an important meeting three months early. The fax confirming the meeting was hurriedly written and totally ambiguous.

How much would it have been worth to the company to avoid this unfortunate outcome?

Sometimes, rather than avoiding costly mistakes, it's a question of simply creating the right impression. Take a look at this email:

Hello ****

know i have the next problem. My Productmanager is´t pleased about the time of the meting. Is it possible that we change the time.Would you please give some another time´s that we can execute the meting. Maybe in the evening .

Wait of your answer as soon as possible

Best regards


Now look at how it might read after copy editing by Word Power:

Hello ****

Now I have another problem. My Production Manager isn't happy with the time of the meeting. Would it be possible to change it, maybe to the evening?

I look forward to your answer as soon as possible.

Best regards


It takes only a few seconds to write an email, but the impression it leaves will last a lifetime. At the click of a mouse, you can send short documents to Word Power for checking, and have them back within minutes in clear, fluent English. Ask yourself again how much might that be worth to you?